Frequently Asked Questions

What would a new stadium in the Crossroads provide to Jackson County?

A brand-new stadium and surrounding development in  the Crossroads District will be a 365-day hub of activity, consisting of events, outdoor concerts, and community festivities, as well as a landmark for our region, well beyond an 81-game baseball season.   

 Through this project, the Royals will provide transformative economic impact, raise Kansas City’s profile around the country, and invest in local development.   

The district will include local restaurants and shops, office spaces, hotels, and housing opportunities accessible for Kansas Citians from all walks of life. 

We are working closely with our local transportation leaders to ensure public transportation options accommodate the new ballpark district—which means bringing even more people to existing and new businesses.

How will the new stadium and district be funded, and what are the Chiefs and the Royals asking from taxpayers? 

No one will pay more in taxes to continue the partnership between the Chiefs, Royals and Jackson County.

The Chiefs and the Royals are asking Jackson County voters to continue the same level of tax support – 3/8 cent – that’s currently used to maintain Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium for the next 40 years.

We have agreed on a path that will provide more than $200 million in new economic benefits to the County by eliminating its obligation to pay stadium insurance premiums and park levy to the teams.

With our two teams staying in Jackson County, there will be significant additional private money invested in the county, the city and community – including more than $1 billion for the new baseball park district in the Crossroads.

These investments will support the growth of Kansas City businesses and tourism, leading to more jobs and ultimately economic growth that will benefit our community.

In other words, we are proposing the same tax that exists today with a much better deal for Jackson County.

What features from The K will be integrated into the new ballpark district?

The Crossroads will marry the traditions of The K with a vastly improved experience for our fans.   

  Our neighborhood ballpark will be the “Crown in the Crossroads” and will include our Kansas City fountains and our team’s rich traditions and history in a new ballpark district. We look forward to sharing more detail about our plans in the weeks and months ahead. 

How would the new Royals ballpark district benefit the Kansas City economy?

There are tremendous economic possibilities for the new ballpark district, both in the short term and long term. While we are still in the process of completing the economic analysis specific to the Crossroads, we expect the jobs, labor income, tax revenue and economic output to be similar or better than the projections we previously released for a downtown ballpark district.

We are also committed to spurring inclusive growth and job creation, uplifting the community and fostering a more equitable and prosperous Kansas City region.  We will hire and work with minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses and supportive programs; solidify our union labor agreement; ensure a prevailing wage agreement for workers; and create workforce development programs, wrap around services and continue community engagement and outreach. 

How will public money be used for the new ballpark district? 

We believe the public benefit of this ballpark district will far outweigh the public investment – from bringing more people downtown to patronizing businesses and restaurants to the new public spaces that will be created as a result of this project. The vast majority of public-private partnerships have been beneficial to both sides in baseball and other major professional sports. 

This proposal – the largest public-private development project in Kansas City’s history, projected to be a $2 billion investment as currently envisioned – is an investment directly into our community.  

Alongside public funds, the Royals ownership group will be funding the majority of this project, including over $1 billion to cover a major portion of the ballpark and the entirety of the surrounding development.  

Today a 3/8 cent sales tax supports both teams and stadiums; we are asking that this level of support remains in place for the next 40 years. 

What community benefits can Jackson County expect as part of the new stadium agreement? 

We are committed to a Community Benefits Agreement centered around core goals we call KC WINS:    

  • Delivering a world-class neighborhood ballpark district and experience that is welcoming and accessible to all.  
  • Spurring inclusive growth and job creation, uplifting the community and fostering a more equitable and prosperous Kansas City region.  
  • Continuing to nurture Kansas City’s future through the team’s intentional philanthropic and community impact initiatives. 
  • And driving sustainable impact with responsible and forward-looking neighborhood investments.  

How will the Royals prioritize quality parking and traffic patterns with a new stadium?

The ease of access to the Crossroads site and an abundance of surface and structured parking has huge benefits in providing and creating easy access to the ballpark from the cultural heart of the city. 

More than 40,000 spaces—twice the number of parking spots of the Truman Sports complex—will be available downtown, all within a 10-minute walk of the Crossroads. The majority of this parking will be provided in existing parking facilities, most of which are empty at night and weekends when the majority of the games will be played.  

An event traffic management plan will be developed for the ballpark to handle traffic and parking. This will help create a seamless parking experience, both on gamedays and for when games and events occur simultaneously downtown. An abundance of surface/structured parking will benefit attendees by providing easy access to the ballpark.  

Peak traffic patterns out of the downtown area should counterflow any fans arriving at the new stadium. Those who are leaving the area should not hinder those entering, helping reduce traffic congestion.  

Traffic will be managed more efficiently by dispersing fans between multiple parking lots and with various ways into and out of the Crossroads. 

How will the Royals ensure that access to games continues to be affordable?

Making baseball games and the overall experience affordable and accessible for all is important for us.   

Right now, the Royals Foundation works closely with partners, schools, not-for-profits, and veterans’ groups to facilitate discounted rates. Jackson County Days offer all County residents steep discounts to dozens of selected games, including weekends. We consistently offer flash sales, ticket specials, and discounted prices on concessions. Our games are among the most accessible in Major League Baseball. 

All of those efforts will continue and even grow at the Crossroads.

What are the Royals doing to become more successful on the field? 

Nothing is more important to the Royals than winning games, and providing our fans a team they can be proud of, and nothing will distract from that focus.   

We scored more runs than all but one team in our division last year and have a core of young players we believe in and will build around. We have been baseball’s busiest team this offseason, including more than $100 million in commitments to new players, largely pitching.   

We are thrilled to have signed Bobby Witt Jr – one of the brightest stars in professional sports – to a franchise record-shattering 14-year contract. In the press conference announcing the deal, Bobby emphasized that the fans in Kansas City and the talent building around him were critical in committing the bulk of his career to the Royals.   

Over the last few years, we have hired new leaders atop baseball operations, amateur scouting and pro scouting, and have modernized our player support to offer cutting edge development. We see tremendous promise in our future under the leadership of Executive Vice President – General Manager JJ Picollo and Manager Matt Quatraro. Better days are coming, and we look forward to playing October baseball again for the great fans of Kansas City.